Developing Entrepreneurial Mindsets


Entrepreneurship curriculum, mentors, and events


Hands on experimentation through design thinking workshops


Integration into existing community impact organizations

Our enrichment program provides community partners with the tools and resources to run their own design thinking workshops. Supporting organizations in their efforts to equip participants with the skill sets needed to take a project from ideation to prototype, as well as provide a guide for testing experimental products and/or services for viability. Our network provides direct access to accelerators, programs, and local events so that we can fully leverage resources to maximize impact.

Our Program Model

We believe that in order to affect change we need to turn the directional model for accelerators into a funnel model

Leverage Entrepreneurial Funnel


Fixed/Growth Mindset

Increase the ratio of growth mindsets to fixed mindsets in the communities we serve

Build - Measure - Learn

Use the tools we teach to improve the program

Iterative model

Iterate on content and program

We are looking for program partners

Curriculum Partners

We are looking to bring the best curriculums to the communities we serve. If you have a program that is engaging and creating change for your participants we would love to talk.

Community Partners

We are continuously building relationships with community outreach programs. If your program works directly with underserved populations we would like to learn more about potential partnership opportunities.

Partnerships/ Resource Affiliations


Get in touch

We are all about building relationships. Reach out about partnership opportunities or bringing our program to your community.

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